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An Introduction to Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Leon Siebel

Leon Siebel is an avid mountain biker. In addition to his recreational mountain biking activities, Leon Siebel maintains a patent for a new bike model that reimagines the geometry of dual suspension bikes.

An individual purchasing their first mountain bike may encounter a number of unfamiliar terms, such as dual suspension bikes. Dual suspension mountain bikes serve a wide range of cycling needs. Perhaps most importantly, dual suspension models provide riders with a solid pedaling platform that minimizes pedal feedback when taking on steep inclines. Without a dual suspension, pedal-induced feedback can waste a rider’s energy, an invaluable resource during grueling expeditions.
The dual suspension approach to mountain bike design also allows manufacturers to utilize a stiff, strong suspension while retaining a manageable frame weight. Furthermore, dual suspension mountain bikes support a smooth, consistent riding experience under a variety of conditions, even during hard braking situations.
Of course, making the decision to purchase a dual suspension mountain bike is only half the battle. In order to effectively address all of these issues, among other benefits and drawbacks of dual suspension bikes, designers have engineered a range of dual suspension models. Riders are encouraged to visit their local bike shop and discuss the pros and cons of different bikes with a trusted sales professional.

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