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International Needs Australia’s Just One Day Program

Leon Siebel

Leon Siebel attended Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, before launching a career in finance and marketing. In addition to working on advancing his career, Leon Siebel finds time to support several charities, including International Needs Australia.

In its mission to improve lives and communities, International Needs Australia oversees several initiatives targeting underserved populations around the globe. Since 2016, the organization has been overseeing Just One Day, a fundraising and education program that teaches Australian schoolchildren about the needs of those living in some of the world’s poorest communities.
Through an in-school presentation, Just One Day highlights issues such as food insecurity, sanitation, lack of education, and poor water quality. The program also includes an immersive workshop activity that gives students the chance to experience how these issues affect the daily lives of impoverished children worldwide.
For “Just One Day,” program participants shut off devices, eat simply, and use water thoughtfully as part of a fundraising activity for students in developing countries. Money raised through the program supports International Needs Australia in its efforts to help the world’s disadvantaged children stay in school. Since the program was launched, nearly 20,000 students in approximately 100 schools throughout Australia have supported Just One Day.

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