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Umbrella Hearts - Protecting Children Globally

Leon Siebel

An experienced business leader, Leon Siebel got his professional start in his father’s financial planning firm before going on to find success in fields that range from renewable energy to product development. Leon Siebel is also a dedicated philanthropist who supports charities including Hearts and Hands Community Development.

An Australian volunteer organization, Hearts and Hands is dedicated to helping individuals from historically underprivileged and underserved communities break cycles of poverty by building of essential professional and life skills. Since 2015, the organization has partnered with Umbrella Ribbons to spearhead the Umbrella Hearts initiative.

Inspired by the plight of juvenile victims of abandonment, abuse, and/or child trafficking in the Philippines, Umbrella Hearts is a global child protection awareness campaign that encourages supporters to wear official Umbrella Ribbons in a show of solidarity against childhood trauma.
By wearing one or more Umbrella Ribbons, supporters show the world that damaging acts to children are intolerable. These pendants come in a variety of colors and feature both raindrops (which signify the pain and suffering that children have experienced) and an umbrella (which represents efforts to protect the children from further harm).

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